Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Love Vintage Tintypes

i have collected some pretty special tintypes
thinking that someday i would create something with them

i had seen this idea somewhere out in blogland a while ago
so...i got some of my bling together and came up with these two cuties

after hammering two spoons to death
then bending the neck of the spoon into a makeshift bracelet
i was able to then glue the tintype to the flattened part of the spoon

i then soldered some vintage rhinestone bling to the outer rim of the spoon
and then the final step was sealing everything with ice resin

i just love this girl's sweet face...

side view

other side

this bracelet was fashioned from the smaller of the two spoons
still a beauty

side view

other side

and some more metal-smithed beauties...

this is a vintage madonna picture
and some vintage mother of pearl beads

this necklace's pendant drops are fashioned from teardrop glass
the necklace loops are hand forged from copper wire that has been soldered to form the links

some close-up details

this is proof i've been busy at work in my little happy space!


  1. Beautiful Rochelle! Love them all, you are on a roll! Would love it if you. Could come play with us at Terri's. Hope you can! Hugs, Riki

  2. gorgeous pieces Rochelle! wow! just lovely.
    xo natalea

  3. jaw just hit the keyboard! gorgeous stuff here rochelle..just gorgeous!