Thursday, April 26, 2012


these lovely new designs
will be traveling with me to los angeles next week

if they don't find a home in l.a.
they will be making the trip back home with me
and into my etsy shoppe they will go!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

an affaire....

an affaire...
that's what i'm going to have in a few weeks

wait...don't get the wrong idea
let me clarify things

what i mean to say is i am having an "affaire at tiffany's"
in the warm sunny part of los angeles called manhattan beach

you see, there is this lady who has these amazing themed "affaire's"

now, i have never attended one of these events
but i have heard from many women who have
and they sing praises of these affaires

just the pictures alone of past soirees are eye candy
take a look...

so, i am beyond thrilled to be attending this soiree
and i love the theme this year
"affaire at tiffany's"

all audrey themed

all tiffany blue

and did i mention it all takes place in sunny los angeles (bonus!)

i have all my supplies ready for all the classes
i already have my suitcase packed with summer clothes
and i can't wait for the bus tour to the different antique and flea markets we are going to

what makes this "extra" special is that i am also a vendor on the first night
i get to share all my jewelry creations with all the lovely women attending
and keeping with the theme
there will be lots of "tiffany blue" and lots of "bling"

here's a peek...

and wait
there's more
there is a "dress up" night on vendor night
so...i am all ready for that

got my black audrey gloves
and my very blingy audrey necklace

the brooch on this necklace i made was my grandmother's
i added patina so that the rhinestones would "pop"

and of course i have my tiara too!
found this beauty some time ago at an antiques store in oregon

and wouldn't audrey be wearing "blinged up" black patent leather shoes too?!
well, this audrey is!

can't wait for all the fun
can't wait to meet all my blog friends for the first time
and can't wait to share creative time with all the "like-minded" women
isn't that what life is all about?!

Sunday, April 8, 2012