Thursday, March 6, 2014

Recent Works

wow it sure has been a while since i've posted
on this poor neglected blog

since getting a new job
the time i get to spend in my studio has been challenging

i try to carve out a few hours a week
to let my creative juices flow

what follows is the reward of that time
spent in my "happy place"
i just wish it could be more often

if you see anything you like from these photos
they are all listed in my etsy shoppe for sale

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


can i just say i LOVE pinterest
all that visual inspiration from so many photos

it feeds my soul...

it fuels my creating...

it's just plain inspiration at one click...

once i saw this photo of a vintage ziegfeld follies gal
i just knew she was going to be a future piece of lola jewelry

i love her feather headress
and her pretty face

venturing outside the box of my usual necklaces and cuffs
i decided i wanted her to grace a new addition to the lola line of jewelry
belt jewelry that is
yes, she ended up in a belt buckle surrounded by turquoise nuggets
i love the way she turned out
ice resin will be poured inside the bezel to finish this piece

another example of where i took my inspiration
i'm loving playing with the turquoise color
it adds to the new cowgirl collection i have been doing
for this necklace i used some vintage silver ball beads i had saved for something special

and then inspiration just took off with all of these....

thank you pinterest
for my daily dose of inspiration
and mindless hours spent wasting time
but so worth it!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Where Bloggers Create 2013 - Part One

once again I am taking part in the lovely

you may recall me saying last year
that I would be moving my studio to a "much larger" space in my home
as you can see from last year's post
I was in a teeny tiny room
10' X 10"
every time I turned my chair around
I felt like I was going to run into something behind me


here is a little snippet of one of the corners in the "previous" space

and here is a photo of the space

and this is a picture of the room on the main level of my home
that I claimed as my "new" studio space

after painting the new room a wonderful shade of aqua
I then went about the task of sorting through everything from the other room
and finding a spot for all the items


this is more like it
i call this the "creative" corner of the room

this is where I spend most of my time
coming up with new jewelry creations
and soldering until the wee hours of the morning
(this is when I'm most productive)

I had an extra globe that I made into a pendant light above my work area

and to say I went a little map crazy
would be putting it mildly
let's just say I had a wonderful vintage atlas book
with all these maps in wonderful colors

they lined the back of this huge bookshelf...

and the ends of these magazine file covers...

and the top of this cool desktop caddy...

I must always remember that when I am in my studio
to always leave time to play...

another pretty corner of the room...

here is the massive bookshelf
which holds many jars full of my jewelry bits and bobs
and yes, I did spray paint every single jar lid the lovely shade of aqua...

I love that the ceilings in this room are 10 feet high
this allows me to fill the room to the brim

love this sweet pooch

and some of my doll collection...

another sweet doll I found at the irvine flea market

there is a curtain closing off that doorway for a reason
to hide the "not so pretty" closet that I haven't painted yet
luckily I had lots of the aqua chenille fabric to use for three curtain panels!

another corner
I love the aqua lockers that a friend wanted to get rid of
didn't take me long to say "I'll take them!"

and then there is this gorgeous prom dress that I just love
thank you kathy for thinking of me and my aqua obsession
when you wanted to sell her

I have a bit of a lantern obsession too
they make me happy studio is my "happy place"

I told you I have a lantern obsession...

I couldn't pass these sweet vintage lanterns by
when I happened to spot them on etsy

you might have noticed that all the photos have a certain "filtered" look
these photos were all taken on my iphone with instagram
I am a fan of the "earlybird" filter

thanks for coming by and
stay tuned for Part Two on Saturday...

and if you have a few hours to kill
you might want to head over to check out all the other blogs
who are participating in the party

Where Bloggers Create 2013