Tuesday, August 20, 2013


can i just say i LOVE pinterest
all that visual inspiration from so many photos

it feeds my soul...

it fuels my creating...

it's just plain inspiration at one click...

once i saw this photo of a vintage ziegfeld follies gal
i just knew she was going to be a future piece of lola jewelry

i love her feather headress
and her pretty face

venturing outside the box of my usual necklaces and cuffs
i decided i wanted her to grace a new addition to the lola line of jewelry
belt jewelry that is
yes, she ended up in a belt buckle surrounded by turquoise nuggets
i love the way she turned out
ice resin will be poured inside the bezel to finish this piece

another example of where i took my inspiration
i'm loving playing with the turquoise color
it adds to the new cowgirl collection i have been doing
for this necklace i used some vintage silver ball beads i had saved for something special

and then inspiration just took off with all of these....

thank you pinterest
for my daily dose of inspiration
and mindless hours spent wasting time
but so worth it!


  1. These are just gorgeous! I love the contrast of the photo to the turquoise. They're really stunning.

    I am also completely addicted to Pinterest! I can get completely lost on that site!

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