Friday, July 12, 2013

Where Bloggers Create 2013 - Part One

once again I am taking part in the lovely

you may recall me saying last year
that I would be moving my studio to a "much larger" space in my home
as you can see from last year's post
I was in a teeny tiny room
10' X 10"
every time I turned my chair around
I felt like I was going to run into something behind me


here is a little snippet of one of the corners in the "previous" space

and here is a photo of the space

and this is a picture of the room on the main level of my home
that I claimed as my "new" studio space

after painting the new room a wonderful shade of aqua
I then went about the task of sorting through everything from the other room
and finding a spot for all the items


this is more like it
i call this the "creative" corner of the room

this is where I spend most of my time
coming up with new jewelry creations
and soldering until the wee hours of the morning
(this is when I'm most productive)

I had an extra globe that I made into a pendant light above my work area

and to say I went a little map crazy
would be putting it mildly
let's just say I had a wonderful vintage atlas book
with all these maps in wonderful colors

they lined the back of this huge bookshelf...

and the ends of these magazine file covers...

and the top of this cool desktop caddy...

I must always remember that when I am in my studio
to always leave time to play...

another pretty corner of the room...

here is the massive bookshelf
which holds many jars full of my jewelry bits and bobs
and yes, I did spray paint every single jar lid the lovely shade of aqua...

I love that the ceilings in this room are 10 feet high
this allows me to fill the room to the brim

love this sweet pooch

and some of my doll collection...

another sweet doll I found at the irvine flea market

there is a curtain closing off that doorway for a reason
to hide the "not so pretty" closet that I haven't painted yet
luckily I had lots of the aqua chenille fabric to use for three curtain panels!

another corner
I love the aqua lockers that a friend wanted to get rid of
didn't take me long to say "I'll take them!"

and then there is this gorgeous prom dress that I just love
thank you kathy for thinking of me and my aqua obsession
when you wanted to sell her

I have a bit of a lantern obsession too
they make me happy studio is my "happy place"

I told you I have a lantern obsession...

I couldn't pass these sweet vintage lanterns by
when I happened to spot them on etsy

you might have noticed that all the photos have a certain "filtered" look
these photos were all taken on my iphone with instagram
I am a fan of the "earlybird" filter

thanks for coming by and
stay tuned for Part Two on Saturday...

and if you have a few hours to kill
you might want to head over to check out all the other blogs
who are participating in the party

Where Bloggers Create 2013


  1. I started at the end of the party list : )
    Oh I could definitely play in this room for hours! Love the map lamp. Have fun with the hop!

  2. I love it. I am totally in love with the colour at the moment as well. Last year I painted everything shabby white and I think I will be painting everything aqua soon. So inspired by your room!!

  3. I started at the end of the list too. What a nice space.Just love those different dress forms.I adore dress forms of all types!
    Very calm space.I could play here quite happily.Thanks for sharing.

  4. your creations are fabulous...and your studio! So very creative!

  5. oh how wonderful for you that you were able to carve out a larger space for your creative haven! i bet you filled it up quickly? it is a cheerful...happy place indeed! (love the old locker!) thank you for sharing your beautiful studio with us! ;)

  6. Great new larger the lanterns so Happy...Sometimes I think of moving up to my daughter's old room but just thinking of moving all my stuff paralyzes me!!!!

  7. Terrific redo. I hear you with the trying to reorganize. It always looks a hot mess till you get it all slotted away again. I too love the Aqua's. I recognize some of your little ornaments from last year. Your maps look fantastic in their repurposed state. Keep smiling and creating. Thanks for sharing your space

  8. I love the vintage feel of your space. And I envy your high ceilings! I can see why this is your happy place!

  9. Rochelle, I'd never ~feel blue~ in your creative space! Wow! And I love your apothecary cabinet... the white one with glass doors- such perfect storage! Now I just need to track down a globe to play with- shouldn't be too difficult as I'm a teacher!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Michaele (Twigs and Tulle)

  10. Hi, it is easy to see why this is your "Happy Place", it would be mine, too. I love how you have turned each storage container into a piece of art. It sure bets my store bought plastic boxes. I love all the old dolls and can almost hear them whispering words of inspiration into your ears as you create. Then there is your chenille throws. The one over your chair is lovely and using them for curtains is so charming. I'm so happy that i came to visit your blog. Oh, I almost forgot the globe hanging light and the lanterns . . . I love the bohemian feel about the room.
    I'm having a Give-A-Way on my blog for a $25 Amazon Gift Card, it is good anywhere in the world where there is internet. Please come over and put our name in the hat. All you have to do is leave a comment and follow me back. I am excited to have found you, now I going to look at some of your past posts :)
    Have a great day,
    Your newest follower, Connie :)

  11. Hi Rochelle, what an amazing large space! Love all your vintage collectables! Thanks for sharing your creative space!
    Have a great weekend!

  12. Happy Place indeed!!! I just love maps and I love what you did yours, and the lamp totally made my heart skip a few beats. What a brilliant idea and I just saw a few old once at a garage sale and I was wondering what I could do with them... Oh had I thought of this!!!

    You have a great space, lovely collections and beautiful pieces.


  13. So many pretty accessories. It must be fun to create surrounded by all your lovely items. Thanks for the tour.

  14. LOVE your beautiful creative space, Rochelle! Among my favorite observations were your sweet dollies, the metal high chair (love!).. and I liked how you painted all the canning jar tops in one matching color!!... Thanks for the tour, and hope you're enjoying the weekend! ~tna

  15. Your new space is just amazing. I cannot imagine moving my art room - argh what a job! Thank you for sharing the beautiful and fun results with us!

  16. This really is a happy place! I love the aqua AND all the ways you used your maps. That pendant light is so cool! So many creative and pretty ideas, I can see why you would love to create in this space. Thanks so much for sharing it!

    Jeanette @ Creating a Life

  17. Your "new" space is fantastic! Love aqua myself and those lockers are a real find! I am also going to have to borrow from you the lantern look for my space - totally love that! Thanks for sharing and take care!

  18. You have a great studio, and the jewelry you create in it is wonderful! Thanks for letting us visit you. Sue

  19. Love your gorgeous vintage room. I just want to peek in all your containers. You did a beautiful job.

  20. I really enjoyed viewing your very happy place to create. I have aqua walls in my room and love them and never tire of creating in my space!

  21. Thank you for the look around your new workroom. I love your clever use of an old globe as a lightshade. The use of the maps on different surfaces is lovely too and brings various bits together.
    Happy making.

  22. I loyour happy place! aqua is such a soothing color, love the use of antuques throughout the room, I've recently came across some new antique additions for my sewing room

  23. Thanks for sharing your happy place. I really like that you painted all the jar lids the same great aqua color. So pretty!

  24. From one map junkie to another ~ thanks for the great tour!!

  25. Hello there, I am trying to make my way around to all the creative spaces and I am getting so many great ideas. Your space is definitely a happy place! I would enjoy creating in there fore sure.

  26. Love all the aqua -it's a color I find easy to live with. Thanks for sharing your Happy Place!

  27. great room, love the glob light. I'm so glad you have a bigger space to grow in.


  28. Awesome maps and globe light! I have never seen anything like it before, and it is too cool! Great room; so glad you got to move to a larger space. Love the aqua colour too. Thank you for the tour!

  29. Thanks for sharing your lovely happy place space. Love the spraying lids idea too, must use that when I get my new space.