Monday, June 27, 2011

Full Weekend

this weekend was a full one

saturday i was a vendor here
and after the show we took a walk along the path
of crescent beach

it was a gorgeous night
and we enjoyed some fish and chips
and some yummy drinks

i took advantage of the nice weather and took some photos

my daughter...

my hubby and i...

the gorgeous view...

on sunday i was at the portobello west market in vancouver
it's a great monthly market right by the seawall
and many people come from their walks or bike rides on the seawall
to come in and spend some time cooling off from the weather

some shots of my booth

monday was a day of "down time" and rest
it felt good to absolutely do nothing!

till next time...


  1. The beach looked amazing. Oh how I am missing walking the beach... it's soooooooooooooooo HOT here in Texas now. I can't wait to come out there in August! Your family photos were darling. Your daughter is adorable. Having 2 boys & 5 GRANDSONS (whom I adore) I wish I had a girl to share with but, my blessing are blue.

    Your table looked amazing! Good JOB! Good luck with a successful summer! Charlene

  2. hey rochelle. happy 4th! i see you are my newest follower? well now i am YOUR newest follower. your daughter is lovely and your hubby looks sweet. and your creations...well..don't get me statrted! wow!!!

  3. What lovely pictures and items :)
    -Jessica & Holly

  4. Come to Texas for a visit! Have you ever set up at Round Top. I was there in the Spring with Charlene and the gang but I think she's not going this September, but I'll be there! I would love to see all your things! Do you teach classes? I'll be sure to ask Miss Charlene all about you! xo-cindy

  5. Your display is beautiful and your jewelry amazing! So sad that I'm way over on the East coast, 'cause I'd love to attend one of your shows.

    And oh yes, that view is incredible!