Saturday, July 16, 2011

Where Bloggers Create - I'm Late for a Very Important Date!

you caught me in the middle of working...

 let me put away my tools of the trade

and tidy up this mess of mine

just gotta finish up these last few...

to add to this finished pile

there we go
all neat and tidy once again
now I can invite you in

welcome to my space...

a look to the right...

and a look to the left...

and to the far far right...

my room is a little 10x10 space
but I have utilized every square inch of it!

and the pretties of the room begin...

lots of storage for supplies...

and some fun pieces

love this mermaid in a seashell frame that Grace from Pink in the City
made for a swap we were both in - I was lucky to have her for a swap partner

and I love my storage boxes
all in that pretty aqua blue color
jewelry boxes repurposed!

and yes
all of these boxes have something inside them
it's just remembering the "what" that is inside the box
that is challenging!

shiny bling to add to jewelry pieces
I thing I have enough to last me awhile!

some chandelier crystals to add to some project I'm making...

love this egg tray from anthropologie

and a fabulous recent find from oregon
and look at the perfect shade of aqua it is!

many glasses on hand
because I always seem to misplace them

and of course a fan to cool me off
while I spend hours and hours soldering

I always remember to p...l...a...y

many pages of old vintage text to add to my glass pendants

love this old stamp holder
repurposed to hold tiny salt shakers full of bits and pieces...

and when I do get to play
I come up with crazy ideas for forgotten photos

I am definitely following my passion
doing what I love to do

it brings me joy
bringing others joy

and I still love my apron made by the amazing Holly

and this little gem I made was mailed off to a special recipient

someone who has made a difference in so many peoples lives

giving back to her
what she has given to me

I hope she enjoys it!

and now, I must get back to creating
these little bottles are waiting to be filled with pretties
all soldered up for someone to wear around their neck

and these lovelies
waiting to be made into special adornments

thank you for visiting my little space
and thank you to Karen Valentine for hosting this
hop on over to her blog to see all the other glorious spaces out there in blogland!



  1. it's enchanting! soooo enchanting! I just adore that "pop" of blue everywhere! sigh...

  2. OMG! you made that for Oprah?? Oprah? wow...very cool! :)she's going to LOVE it!

  3. Good afternoon, Rochelle,
    You studio is so cheerful...I love how you have carefully coordinated the colors. Thank you so much for sharing your creative space with us. I hope you have time to stop over and visit mine...there is a little giveaway at the end!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Take care, ~Natalie

  4. What wonderful stuff you make, love your gift that you have made for Oprah - she will love it I am sure. Well done.

  5. Love your room, That color is so vibrant. The things you make with all your treasures are gorgeous!! So full of goodness.
    Loved every detail, wild about those vials.
    Keep smiling and creating

  6. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the color! I have tons of color in my room also! I also collect jewelry boxes and I love all your jars and little drawers! Your space REALLY speaks to me! Thanks for posting - I got some great ideas!

  7. What a fun place you have created! I love all of your treasures and the cheerfulness of your studio! :D Thank you for sharing!


  8. I love the blues of your space!

  9. Wow -- your space rocks! I love the aqua color, and all your beautiful art inspirations! I especially like your idea for the stamp holder and the salt/pepper shakers!

  10. LOVE that color blue, Rochelle! You certainly have utilized every inch of your room and very well, too! Your pieces are beautiful. So many things that catch my eye in your space from what is on display to your storage pieces. You must be inspired every time you come in here!

  11. Wow! Your space is amazing and you do such beautiful work. There is so much to look at I could linger here all day! Would love to visit in person. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Okay, I'm moving in! Seriously, I love the pops of blue everywhere, all your little trinkets and treasures, the playful quality of your creative space. I'd love to see everything up close, but because I can't, I just go look at all the photos again.

  13. OK our rooms are so much alike it's almost creepy! I have the stamp holder, the rosary beads, the petticoats, everything but your charms which I would LOVE to make someday. I even have gobs of teal in my room and it's about a 12x12 space crammed to the top of every cabinet! I feel like I have a much more talented twin out there somewhere. Come over to Lilly's Lace and you'll see what I mean! xoxo,cindy

  14. PS Are the heart lace charms for sale? I adore them!! Just let me know crainecdc@aol.ccom

  15. What a wonderful space you have created! No wonder you are such a creative soul!

  16. I love all your blue, but then blue is my favorite color!!! I would give my eye tooth to know how to solder, your pieces are adorable!!!
    Oh and let me invite you to my craft cottage to see my blues!!

  17. Hi, I am still visiting blogs - got way behind. I love that you show some of your work as well as your space, a lot of people didn't and I wasn't really sure what they made. You have beautiful things - I love the hearts with the lace inside. Did you make that crown??!! I want that! I'm going to sign on as a follower. Love, Linda

  18. Such a great space you have their and so many vintage treasures throughout. I am drooling here. Love that crown and the pieces you make are incredible. Thanks for the tour and have a great day. Angela

  19. I LOVE your space!! The colors are so fun and there's eye candy everywhere! I love all your creative storage and display options. That re-purposed lampshade is awesome!!
    I'll be back to visit regularly.

    Thanks a bunch for sharing your beautiful space.

  20. Holy moly batman! I L O V E your space and your work! Your collections...mmm yummm!
    I love the color of blue, just perfect, not too much, just enough.
    Thanks for sharing. I'm happy I stopped by!

  21. Love your space and the aqua color! Your work is amazing and I love the chandelier made with old photos. Thanks for a great tour!

  22. You have a fabulous space to create in. Thank you for the tour and thanks for sharing all your beautiful treasures you've created. You're amazing.

  23. Sorry, I am the slowest to drop by...but glad I did! What a wonderful good feeling space you have created for yourself. I love the color, it makes you feel good. You do beautiful work!

    hugs,Teresa Young

  24. Rochele I love your studio! I think I saw you in some of the photos from Art Unraveled...??? Did you go? LUCKY YOU if so! And I think you said you were hooking up with Riki for a class??? WISH SO WISH I could too but, I'm off to Diana's next week. I haven't been anywhere on a ME trip all summer but, you'd think I was gone all summer the way Hubby is pouting. Gosh I just love Art Events don't you... AGAIN, I LOVED YOUR SPACE! And yes, Karen Valentine ROCKS! I would love to meet you in person somewhere along the ART ROAD! Charlene

  25. I'm loving visiting your studio. You and I have many of the same interests and things. I love how you used doilies as stencils on your work top, I'm doing something similar in my studio soon although I'm using an old lace table cloth as a stencil only it will be on my blue floor. Also love the tom thumb register you have, very cool! Love your handmade chandie and all your wonderful little do-dads. Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

  26. Your room is as lovely as your work... I love it all... thanks for letting us visit,,,