Friday, April 26, 2013

Playing with Ice Resin

lately i have been working with ice resin
i love being able to incorporate the resin into bezels for cuffs and necklaces

recently i had etched a lot of metal
and wanted to make some cuffs and focal pieces for necklaces

first i cut the metal up for these cuffs
and whatever metal was left over i used for the necklaces

vintage sheet music covers became the background to these cuffs and
some vintage metal bits and bobs as well as religious medals
became the centerpieces for these beauties

ice resin was poured over them to seal everything in to last for years to come
a little bit of random soldering on the cuff band and around the bezel
created this "vintage" look

some handmade copper links were used to create these necklaces

i love the endless capabilities when using ice resin
can't wait to come up with some new designs with this awesome product


  1. Hi Rochelle - Love your work and it looks like we love some similar techniques...good luck on Linky Fridays!
    By the way which wet state are you in? I am in wet and rainy Oregon!

  2. Fab-YOU-lous! Love these bracelets. Wonderful work. Thanks so much for linking up!

  3. Rochelle, these are stunning!! Can you say Belle Armoire Jewelry? teehee...